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In the days of our beloved composers, art and culture were funded by royals, churches, and noblemen. We like to consider the Friends of Musica Amphion as the kings of our times! Thanks to the support of our patrons we can continue to realise special projects.

You can help us as follows:
- Order concert tickets on our website
- Order the CD Book
- Become Friend

Become Fried
We appreciate if you would like tot support Bach in Context! Formally you will become Friend of Musica Amphion (see explanation*), but specifically this project. You can support on a long-term or once-only base. 

We have three levels of Friends:

  •   Lords & Ladies
  € 50,-
  •   Counts & Countesses 
  € 250,-
  •   Dukes & Duchesses
  € 1.000,-

Do you would like to become a Friend?
Please fill in the registration form

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BusinessPartners & Sponsors
Businesses can also become a Friend. For our business friends we can offer a Business Partner Programme. We would be pleased to offer a tailored sponsor package to businesses that wish to adopt one or several projects. 

More information?

* Formally Bach in Context is a project of Stichting Musica Amphion. Your support goes in fact via Musica Amphion, however all the donations goes to the activities of Bach in Context.


Stichting Musica Amphion is door de Belastingdienst aangewezen als ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling). Onder daarvoor geldende voorwaarden zijn uw giften daardoor fiscaal aftrekbaar.




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